1 – Initial Contact

First Step is to contact us for the free home consultation. Scheduling is simple – you can either call Aaron the Owner at (515)480-5593 or complete a request form on our website and we will call/email you back.  We can then gather some preliminary contact and project information and schedule a time to meet at your home or project location.  From the first interaction to the finished project with Deck & Drive Solutions, we want it to be as simple for the homeowner as possible.

2 – Home Consultation

During the first consultation, Aaron will review your property with you and talk about what you are looking for with the project. We will get into detail about the deck design of what you are imagining for the new outdoor space.  We will also see how you envision what kind of activities and furniture arrangements to make the most use of your space and talk about a design that best suits you and your family / friends’ livability needs.   The next step at the home consultation is product choices and budget.  During this conversation, you will choose what deck materials you are wanting for the deck floor, railing, and any other options.  We will also talk about the budget to find the perfect design with the right material selection to fit your lifestyle, needs, and wants.  Last step is to very contact information with email address for future pictures and quotes.

3 – Design & Quote

Once we have a clear idea of what you are looking for with your deck and outdoor project. Deck and Drive Solutions will take the notes and pictures back to the office.  We will then use a 2D/3D Program to draw your proposed project to for a three-dimensional visual schematic drawing.  Also, will create a detailed price quote for your project.  Next, we will email you your quote, 2D/3D Schematics, and pictures of similar projects for your reference.  After you receive all the information, you will take a look at it and if you would like any design changes, material changes, or add-ons – we will be in communication for updated information.  Once you approve the schematic of the project, you will have a button on the quote email that states:  Review and Accept.  Last step is Click and Sign!!  After approval and signature email is received, Aaron will be in contact with you about adding your project to our schedule.

4 – Build

We will keep the project as simple for the homeowner as possible. Your project should progress smoothly and on schedule (depending on weather and prior projects).  The Deck and Drive Solutions Team will do it all – from pulling all necessary building permits, scheduling dumpster and material delivery, to clean-up the construction debris.  After the project is complete, Aaron will do a final walk-through with the homeowner which allows you to point out any issues that we can address to your 100% complete satisfaction.

5 – Enjoy

Your new deck is done!! Now there will be many years of enjoyment and relax with our warranty and the product’s warranty – we guarantee it!!  We are looking forward to creating a new outdoor deck and space personalized for you!!