New Deck Project – Part 4 – Lighting, Dry UnderDecking, Patios

Part 4: Lighting, Dry Under Deck, Patios

The final elements to consider for your deck project is Lighting, Under Decking Dry Space, and concrete patios and overlay.
If your deck is built with a stair system, take in consideration of a low-voltage stair riser lighting system. You will definitely want to make sure that you have enough light illuminating them so that they don’t become a danger zone. There is no better time to brighten up your property then when you’re building a new outdoor structure. If the area is not properly lit, flood lights or exterior low-voltage lights can provide you with late-night illumination and allow your family to enjoy the outside even after the sun has gone down.
Besides the obvious perks of additional lighting in your backyard, other lighting adds extra flair to your design, making it that much more attractive. Extra lighting options include low-voltage railing post lights, flush mount decking lights, and ground path lights.
Depending on your deck height, you may have an existing concrete patio with a sliding glass door for your basement under your deck. Often times, people have their furniture and outdoor living areas on their deck and they they don’t utilize the already existing concrete patio off their basement door. If a homeowner would like a dry place to go when it is raining or a cool shaded area in the day, using a patio under a deck is a great option. Under Deck Dry Systems is a great option that is added under a built deck, which allows rain runoff from the deck to slope to a gutter system and transfer to the ground by giving a dry area so friends and family can still be outside during a rain system. On hot days, the dry system also allows an outdoor ceiling fan that can be installed for a breeze while in the shade. This will give more time throughout the year to enjoy the outdoors (Rain or Heat).
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