New Deck Project – Part 3 – Materials & Budget

New Deck Project Planning

Part 3:  Materials & Budget

Prices for deck materials greatly change from treated decking to PVC Capped composite low-maintenance decking.  The types of materials that will be used on your deck project usually come to a homeowner’s budget, location, how long they are planning on staying in the home, and personal style and design.

In situations that homeowners are trying to make home improvements and upgrades to their home in preparation for selling their property, either Treated or Cedar wood is the better option.  By adding or redoing a deck to sell a house will add usable exterior space to increase your enjoyment of their home now, while also enhancing resale value later.  Also with wood, the future homeowner can more easily change the decking materials and railing easier for their own personal tastes.
In a situation that a homeowner is planning on living at the home for a while or have a specific style and design in mind, a low-maintenance material is usually a better choice depending on budget.  By choosing a low-maintenance material, your outdoor living spaces will require much less maintenance with products that won’t fade or stain overtime and doesn’t required be sealed or stained every few years.
Being certain of your plans for the future gives you the freedom to personalize your deck and construct it exactly the way you want.  If your deck project is for your enjoyment and isn’t being built as an investment, then you should absolutely built this structure for your specific tastes.
Below are a few different decking and railing material options:

Decking Choices

Treated Decking
Treated Decking

Cedar Decking
Cedar Decking

Timbertech PVC Capped Composite Decking (Brown)
Timbertech Terrain PVC Capped Composite Decking


Timbertech PVC Capped Composite Decking (Gray)
Timbertech Terrain PVC Capped Composite Decking

Gossen Full PVC Decking
Gossen Full PVC Decking

Railing Choices

Standard Treated Railing
Treated Standard Rail

Treated Post Railing
Treated Post Rail

Treated Post Railing with Aluminum Spindles
Treated Post Rail with Round Deckorator Spindles

Cedar Post Rail Baroque Spindles
Cedar Post Rail with Baroque Spindles

Timbertech PVC Capped Composite Builder Rail
Timbertech Builder Rail

Westbury Full Aluminum Railing
Westbury Aluminum Railing

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