New Deck Project – Part 2 – Design with Zones

New Deck Project Planning

Part 2:  Design with Zones

Deck Design for the Present and Future

A deck is an investment to an extension of your home, an outdoor living space.  Whether its building from new, enlarging your existing deck or restoring your current deck; planning out your spaces around how each individual lives is the first big step.  Most people choose to build a deck so they can entertain guests, eat meals outside, and to gather family and friends.  In the planning stage, it is a good idea to figure out how the space or spaces will be used and then design areas for each area.  You don’t want to be constrained by dimensions that, once built, will be unchangeable.

There are many space ideas to take in consideration for your deck projects.  Also each space has many options on top of just considering the space.

-Eating (How big of a Dining Set)
-Cooking (Just a Grill, outdoor kitchen, or a Bar with Seating Area)
-Lounging (2 Adirondack Chairs or a Full Couch and Love Seat Furniture, possibly a coffee table or side table)
-Kids Play (What kind of activities will be played)
-Hot Tub (Size of Hot tub, also think about structure and removable panels to get to the hot tub’s inner parts)
-Fire Pit Area (Usually on the Ground over concrete or stone patio, can be either wood or gas)

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