New Deck Project – Part 1 – Plan for Sun and Activities

New Deck Project Planning

Part 1: Plan for Sun and Activities

Know your Sun Exposure and Outdoor Activities
Deck in Shade

This Deck Project Planning Blog consists of 4 Parts that will offer planning ideas for your Outdoor Living Spaces.

If you are thinking about building a new deck, adding onto your existing deck, or resurface and redo your existing deck; there are a lot of factors to consider to get the most bang out of your dollar and your backyard.  Before you think about the design of your new deck, check out nature and your outdoor activities.

When you are outside during the year, focus on your activities and the sun location where you are considering to build your deck.  Since there is no structure there now, it’s only your imagination and it is very easy to overlook the natural surroundings (Sun, Trees, Power Wires, etc).

While the idea of adding a new deck to your house is exciting, you also want the finished project to be comfortable, relaxing, and your wants/needs be added at the time of the build instead of an afterthought.

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