Front Porch Railing – White Maintenance Free Options

Just last week I was asked about maintenance free front porch railing in the color of White and they wanted some options which there are many different railing styles and manufactures.  I usually show a client some pictures then have them meet me and my lumber man at my local lumber yard (Gilcrest Jewett – Waukee, IA).  For anyone else that is curious about a few “White” maintenance free railing opions which would look great on a front porch, I have created a list below of some styles and my opinions – of course it also depends on the style of house, but this is a basic list.


Westbury Railing

Full Aluminum Rail with Powder Coated Finish

Westbury Logo

5-30-14_Mangold Deck_6

This is a full aluminum rail that is the most cost effective and most common for the low-maintenance of railing choices.  The above shows rail is the Westbury – Tuscany Style.  The other common style is the – Rivera.  The Rivera is a double top rail.  This brand of rail is a thinner rail with a 2″ wide top cap and 1″ square spindles.  This summer of 2014, Westbury came out with an add on for their top cap called a Drink rail.  This product screws on top of the existing railing and allows for a deck board of either composite or wood decking to be installed.  Which this choice and if you choose the Optional Drink Rail, keep in mind that a deck board will have to be chosen to be added to the top and there are not any white deck boards that is easily available.  Common colors available for the actual rail is the following:  White, Black, Bronze (Others are available for Special Order).

Westbury - Drink Rail Diagram Westbury - Drink Rail



PVC Capped Composite


Timbertech - Evolution Radiance Rail

There are other railing types with Timbertech, but having the color white brings you down to fewer options.  This is Timbertech’s Evolution Radiance Rail.  This deck is used on front porches of many homes.  The only thing this rail does not qualify for everything you are looking for is the top cap is rounded instead of a flat “Drink Rail”.  I personally like this railing on the front of a house to give the house some style, but not so much on most rear decks.

composite standrd

Azek Reserve

Full PVC Rail


Azek - Reserve White Composite

Timbertech and Azek combined companies last Winter.  Azek also makes PVC Trim for house’s as well.  This Azek Reserve railing comes in white, as well as has a flatter top rail (Enough to balance a Blue Moon®).  The spindles are 1.5″ wide so very similar to the wood spindles you currently have.  This is a very sharp looking railing and does not feel cheap like Vinyl or Plastic.  Depending with the style of your house and your own style, I would probably recommend this railing type.



Aluminum Rail with Baroque Spindles


Deckorator - Aluminum Rail w Baroque Spindles

This rail is very customizable to the colors of the horizontal rails to the Colors and Styles of the Spindles.  This railing is more common for a deck instead of a front porch, but can be done.  This rail’s top cap “Beer Rail/Drink Rail” is a bit thinner but mostly flat.  It is about 2″ wide.  Mostly I use the Deckorator brand for the spindles, and very rarely for the actual rail and posts.  This is a sturdy rail, but there are construction connections that are more noticeable than the other railing choices.  But this is a fully customizable rail to get what every look your house is desiring.


If you want more information of different products or the ones that are listed for your own front porch.  Feel free to give me a call (Aaron) at (515)480-5593 or send me an email at


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