Deck Material Comparison

Because Price Point and Quality Matter

Pressure Treated:

Wood is the traditional material used for deck construction.  Pressure treated decking is used for decking and railing for cost conscious builders.  
cedar wood
Cedar is a popular choice for decking and railings because it is naturally resistant to rot and decay and has an attractive look.  However the cost is quite more than the traditional pressure treated.
Composite decking and railing is composed of plastic and cellulose wood fiber.  There is a wide variation in color, texture, profile, and installation techniques.  Although it doesn’t require staining, some composite decking products can fade in color over time and is recommended to wash twice a year (Spring & Fall).
PC Wrapped Composite
This decking has all of the benefits of 100% PVC, but costs less because the center is made of composite material. Most people who want the maintenance free decking chooses this choice
100% PVC/Vinyl/Plastic:
PVC Decking and Railing is composed of variations of the following:  post-consumer recycled content, virgin plastic resin, and polyethylene, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).  PVC decking and railing are the best for the environment because they are keeping plastic waste out of our landfills.  Plastic decking does not require stain/seal like wood materials and in most cases will not stain from dirt, leaves, grease, etc.  Also won’t scratch as easy.