Christmas Lighting 2011

Professional Christmas LED Lighting Installation

Are you another aspiring Clark Griswald, planning on spending hours of climbing on an old shaky ladder and untangling bundles of lights to hang your Christmas lights this year?  Why don’t you let our dedicated team of Christmas light professionals take the work and worry of your holiday season?  We will ensure your home looks great and festive this holiday season.

Deck & Drive Solutions can help you make your home or business look extra special this holiday season. We can decorate trees, hang lights, and customize each job to fit your exact needs. We provide the professional gutter clips and team members for the job. We provide the lights and extension cords, you supply any additional decorations. After the holidays are over we can come back and take down all the lights and decorations. Then we can even store them for you until next season!!

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Deck & Drive Solutions
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